What does ISO mean?

Within the babywearing buy-sell-trade-world you might often see the abbreviations ISO, DISO, CISO and TISO used. Here we'll explain what they mean.

In Search Of
Desperately In Search Of
Casually In Search Of
Tentatively In Search Of


Within the babywearing buy-sell-trade-world, ISO, DISO, CISO and TISO are used when searching for a specific carrier to buy.

For example: If you long to buy the baby wrap Vanamo Kide Routa in size 4 or 5 you can say: 'I'm ISO Vanamo Kide Routa size 4-5'.

If you're really desperate to buy one you'd be DISO, and if you're on the other hand not quite sure if you're ready to buy if a seller appears, you'd maybe only be CISO or TISO. The two terms CISO and TISO are almost used interchangeably.

On Wraptrack

On Wraptrack you can create your own ISO list. That is: A list of all the wraps you'd like to buy. Your ISO-list will consist of all your ISOs, DISOs, CISOs and TISOs.