How to sell a woven wrap or ring sling secondhand

So you no longer use your woven wrap, and want to sell it. But how? Here we've collected some tips and ideas on how to sell your wrap secondhand.

1. Pictures

Pictures are of key importance when you want to sell your wrap. Too many wraps are left unnoticed on the buy-sell-trade-market simply because of lacking pictures of good quality. Thus, when selling your wrap, make sure to have good quality pictures!


  • Pictures taken in natural daylight but NOT in direct sun will show the wrap's colours most vibrantly and most truthfully. Likewise wrapping pictures taking in natural daylight but outside direct sun will often do best. So chose a cloudy day, go outside, and take a bunch of pictures. Alternatively use natural daylight but find shadow for optimal pictures.

  • Make sure to both have pictures showing the pattern and colours of the wrap as well as carrying pictures to give a potential buyer an idea about how the wrap looks when in use.

  • If the wrap has any flaws (pulls, spots, irregularities in the weave etc.) make sure to take a picture of those as well - only hearing about flaws will often make them bigger in the fantasy of a potential buyer, whereas an actual picture can help show that things are not that bad and strengthen your credibility as a seller.

On Wraptrack

On Wraptrack you may find pictures of your own particular wrap, or wraps of the same model. Whereas you are NOT allowed to download or screenshot other peoples pictures, you are more than welcome to refer a potential buyer to Wraptrack to see more pictures.

E.g. if you are selling Sling Studio Bracken Off the Grid size 3 with ID ksip6xz, you can refer a potential buyer to the wraps page: Here all pictures of that particular wrap taken by either you, previous owners or in holiday homes are shown. You can also refer to the Sling Studio Bracken Off the Grid model page for all pictures of Sling Studio Bracken Off the Grid uploaded by all Wraptrack users.

2. Length, width, weight and gsm

Often you will know what size your wrap is. However for a potential buyer you can offer even more information that might be valuable to her/him: How long is the wrap exactly (might be it's a size 3 but measures as a size 4)? How wide is it? And what is its actual gsm? This information can help a potential buyer figure out if the wrap suit hers og his needs.

On Wraptrack

On Wraptrack you can enter all these measurements on your wrap, and you and potential buyers can always find them on the wrap's page. See for example Sling Studio Bracken Off the Grid size 3 with ID ksip6xz.

3. Reviews

One of the hardest things when buying a wrap, is to imagine how the wrapping qualities are. Because one thing is look and colours, another is how a wrap works and feels like. Therefore: Help a potential buyer by describing the wrap beyond the visual (which the buyer can see from pictures).


Try to ask yourself the following questions: Is your wrap:

  • suitable for newborns?

  • great for toddlers?

  • thin or thick?

  • good for beginners?

  • moldable?

  • great during summer and/or great during winter?

On Wraptrack

On Wraptrack you can create your own review of your wrap. See for example this review. The review will appear on your wrap's page where it's easy to find.

You can also refer a potential buyer to the model's page - here reviews from other users are found, and furthermore: if the model is listed on one of Wraptrack top-ranked lists, the ranking is also shown on the model's page.

4. Where to sell

There are several places to put a wrap for sale. One of the most important are Facebook, where there is a lot of buy-sell-trade groups, some based on region, some international, some only for selling a particular brand, and some only for budget or high-end wraps. Apart from Facebook, some wraps are also sold on Ebay and similar regional sites.

On Wraptrack

If your wrap is registered on Wraptrack, and you list it for sale, it will automatically appear on Wraptrack's Market. Apart from that you can also use your wrap's page as a reference when you post your wrap for sale on other platforms, e.g. Facebook.