Team Wraptrack

Years ago, when Tilde and Peter carried their small children in woven wraps, Tilde got really into buying and selling wraps and got the idea that it should be possible to track the wraps from home to home.

The first version of Wraptrack was programmed by Tilde, but as she didn't have the time to complete the project, her mother Pernille and aunt Camilla decided to help. And so Wraptrack became a small family project that quietly grew larger and over time involved more family members.

Here you can read more about who we are. Also, you can always get in contact at:


Tildes partner. Role-playing game enthusiast, home barista and Linux expert.

Peter is Tilde's husband and Wraptrack's lifeline when the servers act up. Peter always keeps a cool head when the rest of the team is panicking about the site being down, and he is always good for making great coffee when issues take time to resolve.