Here you can find answers to the most common questions about Wraptrack. If you can't find answer to your question, please get in contact with



1. I've lost my password.

At the log in page there is a 'Forgot password'-button

2. I've sold a wrap

If you've sold a wrap, it must be removed from your collection (to your 'previously owned'). If the new owner of the wrap is user on Wraptrack then find the wrap and press the button 'pass on wrap'. If the new owner is not on Wraptrack, instead chose 'remove wrap from collection'. Please send the new owner of the wrap, the wrap's Wraptrack-ID so we might track it in the future.

3. How do I buy a wrap?

On Wraptrack's market you can find all wraps for sale on Wraptrack. If you find a wrap you're interested in buying, you can contact the seller via Wraptrack's message system. This way Wraptrack establishes contact between buyer and seller however Wraptrack is not involved in the actual trade.

4. How do I sell a wrap?

In order to sell a wrap or ring sling on Wraptrack's market you must create an account and add the wrap in question to your collection. Once the wrap is added to your collection, simply change the status of your wrap to either FSOT (for sale or trade), FSO (for sale only) or FTO (for trade only) and the wrap will appear on Wraptrack's market. Interested buyer's can contact you via your inbox on Wraptrack.

5. Is this site also for stretchy wraps, mei-tais and other slings?

Unfortunately not yet. For now this site is only for woven wraps and ringslings.

6. What is the difference between brand, pattern, model and wrap?

We understand it can be a bit confusing at first! Here we explain how the words are used and in the tabel below you can see and click on the examples.

A brand is a wrap brand. Examples: Linuschka, Didymos, Yaro.

A pattern is a specific pattern. Examples: Linuschka Owls, Didymos Lisca, Yaro Dandy. Not all wraps has a pattern, but most do.

A model is a type of wrap. Examples: Linuschka Owls Demin, Didymos Lisca Karibik, Yaro Dandy Mint.

A wrap is a concrete wrap. Examples: your Linuschka Owls Denim, my Didymos Lisca Karibik, your sister's Yaro Dandy Mint.

Brand Pattern Model Wrap
Yaro Dandy Mint

tnsborum's Yaro Dandy Mint

Oscha Starry Night Midnight

tnsborum's Oscha Starry Night Midnight

7. What do I do if I convert a wrap?

With Wraptrack it's possible to follow a wrap through conversions.

Let's take an example. If you have a wrap in size 7, and converts it to a wrap in size 3 and a ring sling. Then first add the wrap in size 3 and the ring sling as new wraps and write down their Wraptrack-ID's. Then delete the wrap in size 7. When you delete the wrap you select the option that the wrap has been converted and add the Wraptrack-ID of the new wrap and ring sling.

If you have already deleted the wrap and later decide to convert it, you can specify this on the deleted wrap (look up 'previously owned' in your collection).

8. Something is missing on Wraptrack

If a brand, a pattern or a model is missing on Wraptrack you can add it yourself. You have to be logged in to do so. Then you can use the following links:

Add brand
Add pattern
Add model

9. I've found some errors on Wraptrack

At Wraptrack we're very dependent on our users who supply us with information concerning wraps, models, patterns and brands. Errors will inevitably arise. When they do, please contact Wraptrack at wraptrack@gmail.com, and we'll fix them and say thank you for your help in correcting our data!

10. Can I add a ring sling on Wraptrack

Yes! A ring sling is registered like wraps, you just have to chose 'RS' from the size-dropdown.

11. How to register a wrap, I previously owned?

If the wrap is registered on Wraptrck: Contect team wraptrack and we will help yoy

If the wrap is not on Wraptrack yet:

  • Add a wrap as you usually do and choose the start date (as well as you remember it)
  • Move to the wrap-page, click 'Remove wrap' and choose the end date (as well as you remember it)

    Now the wrap is part of your 'Previous collection'

12. How does Wraptrack decide which news are showed to me?

Wraptrack shows you news according to the users you follow and the wraps you have or have had in your collection.

13. Can I use other user's images from Wraptrack?

No, not without approval from the user owning the images. If you wish to show another user's images of a wrap, you can always share a link to that particular wrap, but you are not allowed (without approval from the owner) to save or screenshot and share other user's images. Although user images are shown on Wraptrack, all Wraptrack users maintain their intellectual property rights to the images, and are thus protected by intellectual property right regulation.

14. What does ISO, DISO, CISO and TISO mean?

ISO means In Search Of - whe've dedicated a small article to explaining more about ISO and the other abbreviations.