Terms and conditions

The user's account

Wraptrack does only allow one profile per person, and we reserve the right to delete accounts, if we believe they are false or if they distribute false information.

Likewise we reserve the right to close an account if the user distributes spam or not comply with good communications in other ways

Personal data

Wraptrack does not distribute or sell personal data.

The following information about the users is public on this website: username; the user's full name (if the user chooses to provide such); the user's presentation (if the user chooses to provide such); the user's homepage (if the user chooses to provide such); the user's country of residence and language and finally all information regarding the user's collection (including images).


By uploading images to Wraptrack, the user gives Wraptrack a right to show mentioned images. Furthermore Wraptrack is allowed to let the image appear in user-guide material designed by Wraptrack, and e.g. distributed on Facebook (in this case the focus will always be on Wraptrack's functionality and not on a particular image). However the user maintains her/his intellectual property rights to the image, and can always withdraw Wraptrack's right to show the image, simply by deleting it from Wraptrack.

Contact from Wraptrack

We reserve the right to contact the user via email when the user makes his/her account and in case of problems related to the user's account. Futhermore we reserve the right to contact the user in case of changes to the terms of use for Wraptrack.

Other email services can be toggled in the user's account settings. As default the user will recieve email notifications if and when the user is contacted by other users on Wraptrack.

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