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Terms and conditions

The user's account

Wraptrack does only allow one profile per person, and we reserve the right to delete accounts, if we believe they are false or if they distribute false information.

Likewise we reserve the right to close an account if the user distributes spam or not comply with good communications in other ways

Personal data

Wraptrack does not distribute or sell personal data.

The following information about the users is public on this website: username; the user's full name (if the user chooses to provide such); the user's presentation (if the user chooses to provide such); the user's homepage (if the user chooses to provide such); the user's country of residence and language and finally all information regarding the user's collection (including images).


If you want to upload images on Wraptrack, you must be aware that there is a difference between product images and private images.

Product images: Product images are official images of a model or carrier model. If you are in doubt about whether it is legal to upload a product image, contact the owner of the image or Wraptrack.

Private images: A user can upload their own images on carriers in their collections. By uploading a private image, the user gives Wraptrack the right to show that image on the platform.
The user maintains her/his intellectual property rights to the image, and can always withdraw Wraptrack's right to show the image, simply by deleting it from Wraptrack.

Contact from Wraptrack

We reserve the right to contact the user via email when the user makes his/her account and in case of problems related to the user's account. Futhermore we reserve the right to contact the user in case of changes to the terms of use for Wraptrack.

Other email services can be toggled in the user's account settings. As default the user will recieve email notifications if and when the user is contacted by other users on Wraptrack.

purchases and sales

Wraptrack is not involved in the transactions between buyer and seller. We cannot be held responsible for goods or services that you purchase using our platforms. You agree not to hold us responsible for things that other users advertise or do. Most of our content comes from other users, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content or user communication, the quality, the security or the legality of what is offered. As a result, we expressly disclaim - to the extent permitted by law - all warranties, guarantees and conditions, express or implied.

Links to web-shops outside Wraptrack

As a service for the visitors, you can find links to web shops outside Wraptrack. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this linking and we cannot be held responsible for mistakes due links to wrong products.