Yaro Broken Twill 33

250 gsm

100% cotton

regular release


Yaro Basic Broken Twill 33


Broken Twill 33 is a 100% cotton wrap in ecru woven in the broken twill technique. This is a well known basic weaving technique which is suitable for an all around, simple woven wrap. The weight of the wrap (GSM) is around 240-250 gr/m2.

Just like any other woven wrap it will need a good wash when in the loom state and a short breaking in period. This is an easy going wrap which is suitable for younger and older babies.

All Yaro wraps, including the Basic Line Broken Twill 33, are being produced within the European Union according to all the industry standards, requirements and labor regulations. All the steps of the production process – designing, weaving, cutting, sewing, packing – are performed within the EU.

All our yarns fulfill high quality standards that assure they are safe to use with babies and toddlers. The dyeing process of our yarns is according to Oeko-Tex standard and the dyeing of our organic yarns is GOTS certified.



Not squish-worthy


Not toddler-worthy



Only experienced wrappers

Not summer-worthy


Not winter-worthy



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