Wauggl Bauggl Symphonie Fantastique

235 gsm

42% kbA combed cotton, 30% merino, 28% linen

regular release


Wauggl Bauggl Symphonie  Fantastique


Soft, cushy, classy, (grey, blue, pink)
the combination of wauggl bauggl cushy merino and long staple linen give you a "fantastique" wrapping quality. light in hand, envelops your body like a second skin. and stay in place and your baby/toddler feels very comfy.

Symphonie fantastique comes loomstate, ((mashinewashable with WOOLprogram)
it is soft after the first! wash, no breaking in needed, cushy merino is NOT itchy
it is a allround talent for everybody, suitable for all ages and all experience levels it wraps very easy.

Symphonie fantastique is very limited



Not winter-worthy



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