The team behind Wraptrack

A couple of years ago, Tilde & Peter started carrying their two children, Lind & Joachim in woven wraps. Especially Tilde got really into buying and selling wrap, and got the idea that it should be possible to track the wraps from home to home. However, she really didn't have the time to realise this project. That's when her mother, Pernille, and aunt, Camilla, came around and decided this idea was worth pursuing. And so Wraptrack happened as a small family project.

Tilde Nor Stadel Borum

Wrap-lover, math student and photography nerd.

Pernille Stadel

Mother of Tilde. Database professionalist, pram missionary and project initiator.

Camilla Stadel Clausen

Aunt to Tilde. Sister to Pernille. Design-lover, colour-freak and mother of five.

Peter Blom Hansen

Tilde's boyfriend. Wrapping dad, home barista and layout-expert.

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