Oscha Kasumi Njord

260 gsm

50% Sea Island cotton, 25% wild silk, 25% cotton



Oscha Kasumi Njord


This wrap was part of the 'Oscha Sverige' custom group order.

Calming, beautiful and subtle, Kasumi Njord is woven with a coastal blue, warmed with a soft cappuccino weft.

Amazingly soft with a gentle cush this is a joy to wrap with and will carry your child in comfort and style from newborn to pre-school age.

50% Sea Island cotton, 25% wild silk, 25% cotton. 6 wraps are available, approx 260gsm.

Hand picked and cultivated exclusively in the British West Indies, Sea Island cotton has unique qualities due to its long fibers which give a wonderful silken sheen and outstanding strength. Certified by The West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association, each wrap will come with a hologram logo, guaranteeing the luxurious qualities of this extremely rare material.



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