Lovaloom Lova Lova Bourette Confetti

335 gsm

61% pima cotton, 33% bourette silk

regular release


Lovaloom Lovalova Bourette Confetti


61% Pima cotton
33% Bourette silk,
6% SeaCell,
Oeko-tex certified.

Same blend wrap: -

Care: hand wash in lukewarm water with liquid detergent suitable for silk, arrives unfinished.

Suitable for: ca 6kg - toddler age

Breaking in: low-mid

What makes this wrap special: The strength and grip of Confetti Bourette silk combined with the revitalizing, suppleness of SeaCell and the softness of Pima cotton.

size 4 (ca, 3,70m post wash) - 290 €

size 6 (ca 4,70m post wash) - 340 €

size 7 (ca 5,20m post wash - 365 €



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