Woven Wings Metro Circle Line

320 gsm

84% Egyptian cotton, 16% bourette silk

regular release


Woven Wings Metro Circle Line


The first wrap in our double-weave Metro Series is Circle Line. With inspiration taken from the textiles that make up the fabric of our lives as we make our way around in this great city. From bus seats to tube seats in London, like many great cities around the world, timeless classic designs that transcend any one era are part of our daily journeys. We wanted to pay tribute and shine a light on such an everyday textile design with this next series of wraps, that at once speak to us of both home and adventure, comfort and durability.

The first section of the Circle Line opened in 1863, as part of the world’s first underground line. The Circle Line appears as one large loop or circle on the iconic map of London Underground in a vibrant shade of sunshine yellow, and gave us our colour inspiration for this wrap.

Circle Line is comprised of beautiful double-weave bourette speckles and flecks of midnight, corn and sunshine, set upon honey and white Egyptian cotton. With washing, wearing and breaking in it will be soft and drapey, yet have a nice amount of grip when wrapping due to the nature of the weave design.

Circle Line is 84% Egyptian cotton, and 16% bourette silk.

Our Metro Series wraps weigh approximately 320 g/m².



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