Léora Utopie Pure

392 gsm

100% cotton

regular release


Léora Utopie Pure


When I started working on Leora, I needed to learn the science of colors. I asked for the help of a real artist of color who was able to mix dozens of colors in a Jacquard work with a perfect harmony.

He highlighted that mixing colors was all at once the central issue and most exciting aspect of weaving Jacquard. While I was practicing with him, I was feeling more and more like a japanese calligrapher : I was slowly understanding that I will need more than one lifetime to master this discipline. The adventure was just beginning...

Choosing colors is always a surprise because they transform into something completely different when they are mixed with the warp. A black warp will illuminate colors and a grey one will desaturate them. With a white warp, you will not always obtain a pastel color but more often a bland color...

This Utopie is inspired by the work of Anish Kapoor and Yves Klein. Both wanted to create the purest color ever : ultra-black for Anish Kapoor and Klein blue for Yves Klein.

Let's meet Utopie Pure, our first all cotton wrap with this pattern. Its very intense colors will be perfect to highlight your most simple everyday outfit. It will be completely soft and moldable from the start and will be perfect for a little baby or a bigger child.

Weight : 392g/m2 after wash

Shawl : 200,4€ ;
Size 3 : 235,2€ ;
Size 4 : 255,6€ ;
Size 5 : 279,6€ ;
Size 6 : 306€ ;
size 7 : 330€ ;
size 7 grade 2 : 297€
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