Firespiral Harvest SETI Cascade

305 gsm

57% cotton, 27% Cottolin, 16% viscose

regular release


Firespiral Harvest SETI Cascade


We have two exclusive wraps – SETI and Sentinal Cascade Harvest.

I bet you’re wondering why we have chosen to weave two very similar wraps – well, the answer is, we didn’t!

There was only supposed to be SETI Cascade Harvest – it was to be the ‘sister wrap’ of SETI Cascade Starmap, and was to be released at the same time.

Except halfway through the weaving of SETI Harvest we received a call from the weavers to tell us that we had run out of one of the weft yarns – a gorgeous thick, creamy white cotlin (cotton linen blend). This was not a standard yarn, it had been bought as a one-off package and used previously in Pyrula Aqua Vortex, so we couldn’t just go and buy some more. We made the decision at this point to weave-on without the cotlin, using just the remaining natural linen and viscose linen blend, until the end of the warp.

SETI is thicker, heavier and more dense in hand. Sentinel weighing 255 gsm and SETI coming in at 305 gsm (putting it into our heavy wrap price bracket). Both wraps feature our autumnal oak tree, leaves falling from the branches, but in a change to last year’s release of Harvest in that there is a menagerie of critters inhabiting this autumn landscape.

Released October 2017

SETI Cascade Harvest: Linen and Cotton. 305 g/m2..



Not squish-worthy


Not toddler-worthy



Only experienced wrappers

Not summer-worthy


Not winter-worthy



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