Moisha Florentine Carpinus

290 gsm

43% cotton, 40% merino, 17% silk

regular release


Moisha Florentine Carpinus


43 % cotton -  egyptian, 
40 % merino - merina,
17 % silk - mullbery.

290 g/m2 pre-wash
Made in Czech Republic

Moisha Florentine Ilmenau is beautiful from both sides, and because of it the wrap has reversibly edged hems. It is up to you which side will be the front for you. For convenient handling and wrapping is the wrap provided with center marks and sloping ends.
All materials are certified for use for children under 3 years - OEKO-TEX cl.I.
Gently hand washing at 30°C, iron on grade 2, do not bleach, do not clean chemically, do not dry in the dryer.



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