Linuschka Ipomée Almond Tree

305 gsm

40% organic combed cotton, 35% Japanese silk, 13% merino, 5% linen, 5% silk, 2% cashmere

regular release


Linuschka Ipomée Almond Tree


40% organic super combed cotton
35% Japanese silk
13% merino wool (mulesing free)
5% linen
5% silk
2% cashmere
305 g/m2

size 6 (440€ incl. VAT), Ring Sling (250€ incl. VAT)

Gorgeous subtle beauty! Luxury Japanese silk in soft almond with colorful speckles combined with the softest merino wool blend with silk, linen and cashmere in soft vanilla shade make this wrap to a wonderful wear experience. It is soft, it is grippy, it is supportive and so cushy!

Amazing summer wrap suitable for all.



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