Wauggl Bauggl Panta Rhei Grey Diamond

280 gsm

45% GOTS combed cotton, 33% cotton, 22% linen

regular release


Wauggl Bauggl Panta Rhei Grey Diamond


review: It's a silky smooth divine soft blanket that goes with everything! My toddler feels weightless in it and it's supercushy on the shoulders.

The high quality long staple linen yarn makes this wrap softer and floppier like any other linen you have felt. with washing and wearing it will break in very easy.

*NOTE* Linen fabric is produced from fibres extracted from the flax plant. As a natural product, the number, length and form of these fine fibres varies and this creates the characteristic linen irregularities which are noticeable on the finished product. The wrap may have occasional nubs and slubs, which is normal for linen yarn

45% GOTS KbA organic combed cotton
33% long stapled soft cotton kba
22% very long stapled natural linen kba

Approx: 280 g/m² (loomstate)
darkgrey on natural not dyed linen



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